John Urschel’s NFL Off-Season With Titan Fitness

Titan Fitness & Martial Arts Head MMA & Muay Thai Coach continues to train Penn State’s best football players as they move on to the NFL.  MMAFx Creator and head trainer, Bruce Lombard, trains former Penn State offensive lineman and current Baltimore Ravens rookie, John Urschel, as he prepares for his second season as a professional football player.

NBC News report on John Urschel’s training at Titan Fitness & Martial Arts

The second off season of MMAFx training was even more productive as the first, as John’s technical ability is now many more weeks advanced.  Training included three months of Boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling cross training.  Focus of this MMAFx individual program is on conditioning, muscular endurance, foot agility, hand speed, punching power, and flexibility.

Read John Urshel’s thoughts on the LombardMMA/MMAFx training…

“I started training with Bruce to improve my conditioning.  The training sessions served a dual purpose, as we worked to improve my balance, footwork, and overall athleticism during the first half a training session, and in the second half worked to improve both my muscular and cardiovascular endurance.  All the while teaching me about the art of MMA.  My training sessions with Bruce are why I am in the shape I am in, and why I am fresh when opponents get tired during a long drive.  I would recommend training with Bruce for cross training of another sport, for improved conditioning, or even to learn the art of MMA, which is fascinating in itself.”


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